The Nation’s Most Pricey Areas for Renters

A study of  the most expensive ZIP codes in America was just released, and it should come as no surprise that residents in parts of New York City and Los Angeles pay the highest rents in the nation. However, the extent to which they do is truly staggering: Out of the 50 zip codes that made the list, 46 are in New York and California.

According to the data, the highest rent in the nation is in Manhattan’s 10282, in Battery Park City. Residents here can expect to pay an average monthly rent of $6,211. It’s the third year in a row that this Manhattan neighborhood took the top spot.

Most Expensive Zip Codes by Region

Though New York and California dominate the highest rent list, there are other areas of the country that are steadily becoming more expensive for renters. Here are the most expensive zip codes by region in 2019:

Resources on Cost of Living Around the United States:


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