Christian Tyler Properties LLC

Tatiana Morena

Agent Services Manager

Tatiana is a proud Colombian national and tennis athlete with a background in Finance and Business currently acting as Agent Services Manager for our subsidiary CTP Global Management PTE LTD. Tatiana oversees exclusively CTP’s worldwide referral relationships, engaging, enrolling, and serving our agents in their closing process while being based in Dubai.

Passionate about sustainability, wellbeing and generating social impact, Tatiana’s worldwide exposure started when she obtained a full athletic scholarship to finalize her studies in the U.S. She started her career in Manhattan as a Finance Advisor trainee for Lloyds Bank. Later on, she obtained her master’s degree in international finance in France. Growing in her career she joined Pinpoint Media Group as Finance Manager before moving to CTPGM full-time.

On a personal note and after 10 years around the globe, she then went onto become a Meditation & Mindfulness Trainer and recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training.