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Taking Advantage of the EB-5 Program for World Class Education Opportunities

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One of the most compelling reasons a family will choose to invest in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is to gift their children the opportunity to attend the very best educational institutions possible – and few top the Universities in the United States.

According to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019, seven (7) American Universities rank in the top 10 in the world. These top-ranking universities are spread across the whole country and are highly developed in part thanks to massive public and private funding. Such is the dominance of American institutions that of all university rankings of recent years will have American colleges taking up between 60-75 per cent of the top 20 places.

The Value of an EB-5 Visa Compared to the Traditional Student Visa

One common route taken to achieve the dream of studying in the USA is to obtain a student visa. While this option is popular, the EB-5 visa program offers the chance to study and much more. It will allow for opportunities to pursue careers at top U.S. firms after graduation. Other visa categories do not allow students on visas to work while studying or after completing their studies.

Another value of the EB-5 program is that it’s not a temporary visa like the student visa. Once a student on a student visa graduates university, he or she will need to find a willing employee to sponsor a work visa, which has only become more uncertain and restricting. The EB-5 visa, on the other hand, won’t be tied to their studies, grades, or future employer. Once the principal EB-5 investor has completed the program requirements they can apply to remove the conditions on their green cards, allowing them, and their immediate family members, to stay in the U.S. Additionally, five years after obtaining conditional permanent residency, the EB-5 principal investor and their immediate family may be eligible for U.S. citizenship.

How much can in-state (EB-5) residents save at universities in the USA?

  • EB-5 Visa holders gain cheaper access to U.S. higher education, as they have the opportunity to qualify as an in-state resident at public universities.
  • On average, a resident (as compared to a non-resident) can save at least 45% of the cost of attending college, with an average annual savings of $23,045. If a student is in college for 4 years, that’s a total savings of $92,183.
  • For international students on student visas, the approximate tuition cost for a 4-year degree in a public university is nearly $140,000.00. This is more than three times the cost than for an in-state student.

 How the EB-5 Programs Offers the Best Chance of Student Success:

  • Children of an EB-5 dependent get all the benefits of the EB-5 Program without any of the work. They can spend their time focusing on their studies instead of worrying about renewing their student visa.
  • The EB-5 investor and their family can live, work, travel and attend school anywhere in the U.S.
  • Children of the EB-5 investor do not have to leave the country once they finish their studies. They can do what they intended all along, get a job in their chosen career path in the U.S. They won’t need an employer sponsor and they won’t need specific degrees.
  • Living in the U.S. with an EB-5 visa will open up the possibility of benefiting from in-state tuition fees, so while you have to invest $500,000 in the EB-5 investment, you can make up for it in other ways such as reduced tuition costs.
  • No deadline for having to leave the United States means that the EB-5 investor and his or her family can invest in real estate or purchase personal property in the U.S. without the fear of having to sell it when the visa expires and potentially lose money depending on the current market rate.
  • If the EB-5 investor’s children are at risk for aging out of the EB-5 Program, they can always be a principal investor. Parents can gift children money so that they can apply for the program on their own.

The EB-5 visa offers foreign nationals and their families the American Dream at an incredible value. If you have any questions, please email our team at info@ctp-fl.com.