Satisfied Investors Visit the CTP Offices

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We were thrilled to host two of our friends and satisfied investors a couple weeks ago in our home office in Tampa. As an organization, we continue to travel the world in search of new families who are looking to achieve their own version of the American dream. But we always enjoy the wonderful reminder of why we engage with the EB-5 program when we get the chance to slow down and meet face-to-face with families who have already trusted us with their hard-earned capital are now residing in the United States as green card holders.

We are reminded that this is more than just a financial transaction when families’ futures are changed for the better as a result of their investment and commitment to the EB-5 program. Dr. Intikhab Qureshi and Dr. Atia Ghazi took a couple minutes during their visit to go on the record in regards to their experience with Kirk Eicholtz and the Christian Tyler Properties EB-5 Team.

“Kirk, he is a very cooperative man,” said Dr. Intikhab Qureshi. “He is a very loving person. Yesterday, we came here, he gave us very good hospitality – everything was above the mark.”

Be on the lookout for videos of Dr. Intikhab and Dr. Ghazi’s visit to be released soon. If you or anyone you know may be interested in writing their own version of the American dream story, then please contact our offices at +1.813.222.0101 or via email at info@christiantylerproperties.com.

Quotes for your reference, if helpful:

“America has a very good education system,” said Dr. Qureshi. “And, America is one of the best in living standards, so we decided to come here.”

“Christian Tyler Properties has helped me a lot,” Dr. Intikhab Qureshi. “We decided to invest with Christian Tyler Properties through the EB-5 program. And on every aspect – you know we were shaky with whether our investment will be secure or not – he assured me by his actions. And, whatever he told us about the process, everything thing happened according to that process. That gave me very good courage.”

Dr. Atia Ghazi added “The idea behind this is very nice, about old-age homes and children, I like it very much. Because earning money is something else, but helping people is different. So, Kirk has an idea to help people. And at every stage, he is helping. He is helping us, he is helping every community, whatever gets attached to him, he is helping in every aspect. He has a big heart.”

“Kirk is my friend. He would do it himself. He would find the job. I don’t know so much about the U.S., the system in the U.S., [but] is helping me out.”

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@christiantylerproperties.com.