Reserve Bank: South Africa Faces Negative Economic Outlook 2020

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In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic sweeping the globe, South Africa’s economy is predicted to contract by 2% to 4% this year as the government tries to curb the spread of Coronavirus, according to the Reserve Bank.

In the Reserve Bank’s six-monthly Monetary Policy Review, the 21-day nationwide lock down aimed at slowing the spread of the pandemic will reduce the rate of change in GDP for this year by 2.6%. The monetary policy committee previously projected in March that the economy would contract by 0.2%, but that was before the lock down was announced.

South Africa’s economy is stuck in its longest downward cycle since World War 2, with rolling blackouts and poor business and consumer sentiment weighing on economic growth. Uncertainty and downward shocks to economic prospects posed by the Coronavirus mark “an inauspicious start to a new decade after the serial disappointments of the 2010s”, the central bank said.

The past decade was the worst for South African economic growth, with total output expanding by only 15.9% between the first quarter of 2010 and the final quarter of 2019, compared to 18.9% and 16.7% in the 1980s and 1990s, central bank data shows.

Budget Deficit at Wartime Levels

The Coronavirus crisis could push the budget deficit to wartime levels by draining revenue and potentially increasing spending requirements if the lock down doesn’t effectively contain the rate of infections, the central bank reported. The shortfall could exceed 10% of GDP this fiscal year, it said.

The largest shortfall on record was 11.6% of GDP in 1914, followed by 10.4% in 1940, according to the central bank. National Treasury projected a gap of 6.8% for 2020/2021.

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