Christian Tyler Properties LLC

Krishna Nanduri

Data Scientist

Krishna Mallik Nanduri is a Data Scientist at Christian Tyler Properties, where he plays a pivotal role in advancing the company’s technological capabilities. With a focus on building robust databases, creating cutting-edge chatbots, and developing AI-driven lead generation pipelines, Krishna’s work is instrumental in positioning Christian Tyler Properties as a leader in the EB-5 and real estate development sectors. His innovative approach and expertise in Data Science ensure the company remains at the forefront of industry advancements.


In 2021, Krishna earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management University in India. He furthered his commitment to data-driven decision-making by pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Science from Northeastern University in 2023, where he honed his skills in data analysis, machine learning, and project management. This combination of skills equips him to tackle the intricate data challenges prevalent in the real estate industry as well as the EB-5 Program.


Before his tenure with Christian Tyler Properties, Krishna gained significant experience in various roles and internships, where he successfully implemented advanced data processing techniques and automation strategies. His efforts have significantly improved product maintenance forecasts, data analysis efficiency, and voter engagement effectiveness in different projects. Krishna’s professional journey is marked by a commitment to leveraging data for actionable insights, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of industry advancements. His academic and professional background supports his role in driving technological innovation and leading various exciting projects at Christian Tyler Properties.