Christian Tyler Properties LLC

Kirk Eicholtz

President and CEO

Kirk D. Eicholtz is the managing member and majority owner of Christian Tyler Properties, LLC (“CTP”). Through CTP, Eicholtz is responsible for over 30 commercial real estate developments across the southeastern United States totaling more than $1.1B. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Eicholtz graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. While at Stetson, Eicholtz was captain of the baseball team and received accolades for being named to numerous collegiate “All Regional” teams. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Eicholtz obtained his law degree from Indiana University where his esteemed career began.

Real Estate Development Law Experience

Prior to forming CTP in 1995, Eicholtz had a distinguished legal career and was well known in the real estate development community. In 1987, Eicholtz joined the prominent Florida law firm, Fowler White Gillen Boggs Banker et. al. Eicholtz’ practice was concentrated in the areas of real estate development, including land acquisition, leasing, real estate financing, and land use and zoning law. Over the years, Eicholtz provided clients a full range of administrative, regulatory, and land use representation at all levels of government – local, state, regional and federal. In fact, it is Eicholtz’ legal representation experience that has enabled him to recognize development opportunities for CTP where others felt none existed.

Eicholtz has handled a wide variety of administrative and legislative issues including representation before federal, state, and local administrative agencies. Some of his administrative experience included legislative lobbying.

In addition, Eicholtz has handled the full range of regulatory and environmental matters, including preventative analysis, permitting, contamination assessment, remedial activities and environmental liability and protection. Eicholtz has and continues to work closely with environmental consultants to proactively minimize environmental liabilities on current projects.

As a “dirt lawyer”, Eicholtz represented a variety of developers, including developers of P.U.D.s, office buildings, retail regional malls and strip centers, multi-family apartment projects, warehouses, condominiums, and other types of properties.

Lastly, Eicholtz provided business and commercial representation in all areas subject to governmental action. Such typical representation has included negotiations with local governments, as well as regulatory agencies and commissions, permit approvals, franchises, developments of regional impact, community development districts, land use and zoning.

Again, it is with this background that includes a vast array of legal experiences that Eicholtz is capable of analyzing a complicated set of real estate development issues and facts, and allows Eicholtz to find lucrative land opportunities and projects for CTP to develop and/or redevelop in this ever more crowded real estate development world.

Highlights of CTP and Real Estate Development Career

In 1996, with the actual legal experiences referenced herein, Eicholtz made the determination to deemphasize the practice of law and began to acquire and develop his own real estate portfolio.

CTP has emerged into a fully integrated commercial investment company and has become one of the premier companies operating in the state of Florida over the past 25+ years. This has been accomplished by blending capital and real estate development acumen and knowledge of the legal system as it pertains to land development codes to generate opportunities, solve site specific problems, and create value. CTP and Mr. Eicholtz have accomplished their success by having expertise in real estate development and having the ability to determine market positioning through property evaluation and financial analysis (both debt and equity).