Christian Tyler Properties LLC

Daniela Alpizar

Investor Services Manager at CTP Global Management Pte. Ltd.

Daniela joined the CTP Global Management team in October 2021, and she excels in delivering comprehensive client and administrative services to global investors. Her responsibilities encompass managing investor relations, developing investment strategies, overseeing our CRM system and investor database, providing Spanish translation support, and serving as a key liaison for the Latin American market.

Daniela also plays a pivotal role in the onboarding process for new investors, working closely with our Director of Client Services, Ruthann Pleus. Her dedication to ensuring a smooth transition for new clients is a testament to her commitment to client satisfaction and the success of CTP Global Management.

Prior to her current role, Daniela gained five years of invaluable experience as a Communication Advisor in Mexico City, where her expertise in communication and global affairs analysis was honed. Her educational background includes a degree in Communication from Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. She is passionate about delivering exceptional service to our global investor base, and her background in global affairs analysis provides a unique perspective and added value to her current position.