About Us

The Vision to Create Opportunites Where Others Saw None.

Who We Are

Christian Tyler Properties, LLC ("CTP") is a privately held, full-service real estate development, acquisition, investment, and management company based in Tampa, Florida that utilizes the "A Team" approach by assembling the best-of-the-best local third-party professionals for each and every project.

Formed in 1995, CTP seeks to employ a value-added, hands-on strategy to redevelop and re-position commercial retail and office, multi-family, senior care (assisted living and memory care), and residential subdivision properties into their highest and best use in high barrier-to-entry markets.

Additionally, we will selectively undertake ground-up development when market conditions are appropriate, focusing our efforts in the Southeastern region of the United States.

CTP Headquarters in Tampa, Florida

Mission Statement

CTP's "Mission Statement" is to maximize returns through the acquisition and development of commercial real estate, using innovative development, effective management, and proactive leasing strategies, while striving to create appreciable improvements in those communities we serve. Although the recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, it has not changed who we are: a team that cares, works hard, has fun, and puts people at the center of everything we do.

CTP serves and maintains the company's uncompromising integrity and reputation through honorable business practices. CTP seeks to identify opportunities and inefficiencies within a given real estate market through an extensive network of real estate professionals, property owners, lenders and municipal officials. Once identified, CTP will design and execute a strategy to acquire, redevelop, stabilize and refinance out initial partner/investor equity. CTP's ability to appraise an asset's intrinsic value, or its highest and best use, is fundamental to the firm's success.


Kirk D. Eicholtz

President & CEO

Christian Taulbee

Director of EB-5

Zachary C. Eicholtz

Director of Real Estate Development

Ruthann Pleus

Director of Client Services

Deal Identification & Value Add

Our theory on deal identification/value add is simple: adding value in real estate is about superior deal identification and execution skills and not just about cap rate compression and access to inexpensive debt.

Our team has worked together for over twenty years and has acquired, constructed, or been a part of the development team of over $8500.00 mm worth of real estate, including multi-family, office, retail, senior cafe facilities, and residential subdivision properties.

Our Growth

As founder of CTP, Kirk D. Eicholtz has grown Christian Tyler Properties into a highly successful real estate enterprise based in the Central Florida area, being a part of the development of over 1,000,000 square feet of multi-family residential projects, retail, office, and industrial space, as well as two large scale, single family residential communities.

As an extension of our development initiatives, we have become a noted specialist in buying and repositioning distressed properties. We and our partners have repositioned, managed, renovated and disposed of a wide range of property types including retail, warehouse, office, mobile home park, restaurant, mixed use and raw land. We have acquired small and midsized distressed assets secured by underlying real estate from local community banks to midsized regional and national institutional banking groups.

We have had success identifying under-margined real estate loans with title, environmental or documentation issues; and, then, successfully working through those issues to enhance the value of the underlying real estate. In holding to this business model, we have been able to uncover value where others saw only insurmountable problems.

Our Relationships

We have established professional relationships with several community, regional and national lending institutions. This has enabled us to underwrite and ultimately finance our real estate developments and acquisitions.

We have recently expanded our development activities to include the pursuit of senior care, multi-family residential, retail, office, and mixed-use developments in the Southeast United States.

Founder and Managing Member, Kirk Eicholtz, has 22+ years of experience in purchasing challenging properties and tapping into their underlying value. Eicholtz specializes in seeking “the right acquisitions at the right price”, while ensuring that the acquired properties reach their fullest potential through his policy of “Preparation, Perseverance and Performance.”

Eicholtz has also been a previous principal in Opportunities 21 Realty Partners, Ltd., CTP Opportunities Fund, LLC, and CTP Opportunities Fund II, LLC, real estate equity funds established to invest in the types of assets referenced herein.